Joseph Randy S Mayuga


I'm Joseph Mayuga, a graphic artist/designer and network engineer based near Los Angeles. Although I've worked in a technical field, my passion lies in the creative arts of graphic design, page layouts, document creation, technical guides, logo creation, illustrations, photo manipulation, photo-realistic 3D scene/object rendering, photography, and even costume creation. My resume.

My other interests span many areas including PC gaming/building, the automotive world and all the latest vehicle technologies (in-car screens/UX, powertrains, styling) music/sound systems, and I am a fan of the L.A. Lakers.

My Sample Magazine [PDF]

Music Player UI/UX Mock-up using Adobe XD (1280x720)

I made this mock-up in Adobe XD from scratch based on my favorite music interface which was made by Sony for the Walkman app used in their Xperia line of phones and tablets. This would have been perfect for automotive applications and I feel it is more beautiful and user-friendly than the current Apple Carplay and Android Auto offerings which do not appear to be updated very often. This interface excels as a user interface and provides an excellent user experience which especially important for music. Things I really liked about the Walkman interface and changes I wanted implemented are as follows:

  • Large album artwork was one of my favorite elements of the Sony Walkman interface.
  • The background image takes color cues from the album artwork for a cohesive look.
  • The artist name is clickable and takes you to more content from that artist.
  • The album name is clickable and takes you to more songs from that album.
  • I'd want the album artwork to be scrollable in the same way Apple used to display with Cover Flow.
  • Album arwork from the previous and next songs are slightly visible.
  • Clicking on the album artwork toggles the song list view.
  • Scrollable elements are faded out or cut-off at the bottom of the last visible item to indicate there is more content to be viewed.
  • The scrubber bar should be fully usable and accurate.
  • I would want to add a lot of user customizable options such as backgrounds and skins.

Some of my 3D renders using Blender

Print Advertisements

A half page general print ad highlighting the newest anime art books.
An ad specifically for the art book Virtual Beauties which was a company exclusive featuring CG artwork.


Illustrations, Cosplay, Writing Samples and Miscellaneous Bits

This was from Anime Expo 2017 where a friendly 2B and I weigh our options on the Persona 5 menu.
Photo from Blizzcon 2017. I'm Genji and my friend (@aicosu on Instagram and Tumblr) is Witch Mercy.
Photo from Blizzcon 2017 taken by my brother. Camera: Sony A6500, Lens: Sigma 30mm f/1.4
3D model I created using 3ds Max from a few grainy jpegs of a VW Polo rally car with wide fender flares. I dreamed of a consumer version that retained all the bodywork.
VW Polo Rally car rendered with HDRI and I forget which renderer. This was done without a proper skylight, just a low res jpg.
The completed bodyshell. I believe I was experimenting with different shellac settings for paint.
I rendered my brother's car using very low resolution perspective shots as reference. I wish I'd actually done the interior.
A watercolor drawing I did of the Hulk done on plain paper.
The opening panel to my Hulk vs. Juggernaut comic, done in watercolors.
Freehand drawing of the VF-1S Veritech from Robotech/Macross. I used a reference drawing. Look how pencil smears.
Freehand drawing of the SDF-1 from Robotech/Macross. I used a reference drawing of the SDF-1.
Freehand drawing of the VF-1S Veritech from Robotech/Macross. I used a reference drawing.
Another Chun-Li illustration with a different portrayal of her.
Look how old this mock-up VHS(!) artwork is of my unfinished movie, Agent.